Where to Get Money + Advice to Jump Start a Struggling or Stagnant Business

Silicon Valley, February 10, 2016 If you’re like many owners, chances are your business is not reaching its full potential. You know that if you only had some more capital, or perhaps some helpful advice from wise mentors (or other experienced owners that have been what you’ve been through), things could be much different…Much better and more profitable. Owners typically go about […]

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How to Get on Shark Tank®, Cause a Frenzy, & Reel in a Sweet Deal

Silicon Valley, February 5, 2016 Getting selected to air on TV’s hit show Shark Tank®, and actually getting a deal are two different animals, as they say. There are businesses that get on the show, but don’t get a deal. And there are many businesses worth of a deal, that never get on the show. To complicate matters further, only a certain percentage of […]

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How to Make Capital Chase You (vs. You Chasing Capital)

Silicon Valley, February 1, 2016 Most business owners that seek capital go about it the wrong way, while often looking in the wrong places, and then take the wrong approach when they pitch. As someone who has worked with over 200 CEOs and small business owners in 25 countries, this is a is a widespread pattern that can easily be overcome. […]

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How to Get Silicon Valley Seed Capital, Even if You’re Not Hip (or Tech)

Silicon Valley, February 8, 2016 Silicon Valley (and its investment capital) is going on the road, and may be coming to a town near you… I’m not talking about the HBO series “Silicon Valley”, I’m talking about the ACTUAL PLACE…Or more specifically, the money and the investors behind the money. Even if you haven’t seen the TV show, you may have wondered… “Is […]

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